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Why private and interactive Birthday Parties for Kids & Teens are different from a standard playground parties ?



When you are out looking for a great place to take your kids and their friends for a good time on that special day of the year, you will likely discover that playgrounds are all very much alike.


They have the usual environments for jumping, crawling and sliding, but that is more or less the extent of it.


Moreover, those places typically have multiple groups hosted at the same time, which means your kids will have to share the space with other children. 


Moreover, there is next to no supervision and zero entertainment, so kids are left to make their own fun. This tends to quickly dissolve into an unholy mess, where you don't even know where one group ends and the other begins, and you're lucky if no fights break out. After all, we all know how kids are.


And even if this all doesn't lead to trouble, the parallel scheduling and space sharing inevitably detracts from the experience. Children want their birthdays to be unique and memorable.

Sharing it with two or three other groups just doesn't feel the same.


Then the party ends with pizza and cake, and everybody disperses with the uneasy feeling that this time could have been better spent elsewhere. A common playground birthday can go for an OK pass time once or twice, but after a few repetitions, everybody is guaranteed to be bored of the monotonous experience.


The alternative - Exclusive Children's Party Room


If you are looking for a children's party room that will be funmemorable and exciting, here's the good news - such a place exists. 


Kidz PartyLand is a unique place for fun, games and entertainment. Your kids will be delighted to have an amazing world of enjoyment all to themselves, where they will have a fully customized experience, including Awesome Entertainment, Glow-in-the Dark Disco & Karaoke, Just Dance Videos on a Big Screen, 3D Laser & Galaxy Show, Face Painting & Balloons Twisting, Arcade Games & Bubble Shows, Trampolines & Climbing Walls, Magic Visual & Special Effects and much, much more! 


Kidz PartyLand is a world of enjoyment and high grade entertainment, where the kids will be occupied with varied non stop attractions. You will have no strange kids wandering around, and no moment will be spent alone. The entertainers in this amazing place are all professionals, providing a combination of fun and adult supervision, so we as parents can finally relax and enjoy the good times with our kids.


The place is conveniently located near Hwy 7 and Keele, making it supremely accessible from any spot in Toronto or the GTA, making it Ideal for parties. Any parent with a car can drive their children over and pick them up later with easy.

Alternatively, there's plenty of warmly welcoming space for all parents to stay and enjoy fantastic time with their kids.


Kidz PartyLand is really exclusive, so don't expect to just show up and get in. They take their fun very seriously, to guarantee that party doesn't get interrupted or disturbed. Admittance is by appointment only, so give them a call to get the details. The experience is out of the ordinary, so it's more than worth it!

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